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Rock Taping

It's not just for Sports!

All ages can benefit from RockTape!

RockTape is kinesiology tape that is made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon. The adhesive is hypoallergenic, acrylic based and latex free. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect that in turn  creates space in the tissue layers allowing for better fluid movement and tissue glide. 

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Reduced Swelling and inflammation

  • Prevents and/or relieves muscles spasms and cramping

  • Reduces pain 

  • Increases range of motion

  • Enhances strength and muscle tone in weak / poorly toned muscle

  • Can help with nerve pain and nerve  entrapment

  • Reduces pressure and back pain in pregnancy  patients 

  • Provides neuromuscular stimulation to correct poor movement patterns 

  • Enhances performance abilities/movements

    Our RockTaping Certified Specialist Kayla can explain how Taping can benefit you!​



Cupping is thought to alleviate symptoms by promoting peripheral (close to the skin) blood circulation and improving immunity.

According to a 2018 review, the effects of cupping therapy include:

  • promoting the skin’s blood flow

  • changing the skin’s biomechanical properties

  • increasing pain thresholds

  • improving local anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism

  • reducing inflammation

  • boosting cellular immunity


According to a 2017 study, the mechanical effect of cupping increases local blood flow and stretches underlying tissue.

Activation of Heme oxygenase-1, a gene that plays a critical role in the prevention of vascular inflammation, could account for many of cupping therapy’s claimed local and systemic health benefits.

Cupping has shown distinct benefits for all ages - Ask Kayla if Cupping is right for you!


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