About Us

Your Go To Chiropractic Team

You could take your needs anywhere.

We are appreciative of the opportunity to see to your whole body well-being.

Our Staff has been compiled with the goal to build the best team

that would create a welcoming atmosphere of healing.

Our Story

This Practice was created with a vision in mind:

To create a Center for Wellness and Total Body Healing.

We want you to walk in and feel at ease.

To know that your needs and concerns have now become our focus.

We are here to assist you on the pathway to total body and mind wellness.

We work with you to give your body the tools it needs to create a healing atmosphere

and function at your highest potential!

The following team members have been assembled with this goal in mind.

Meet The Team

Beth Anne Flack, D.C., PC

Dr. Beth started this practice in 2011 with fervor to serve others and help them on the path to their best selves through Chiropractic and Integrative health care. Her training has given her extensive knowledge with a special focus on Prenatal and child body needs.

As a Wife, Mom of Four, and a Chiropractor for some years now, Dr. Beth knows that a body not aligned can create issues in all ages!

Dr. Beth trained with an amazing team of Professors that to this day believe in expanding your knowledge beyond

your initial schooling.

In that Spirit, Dr. Beth and Flack Family Chiropractic offer Spinal Adjustments, are trained in Webster Certified Techniques, SOT Blocking, Extremity Adjustment, Organ Therapy, Cranial Work,

and More!

It's all about continual learning to make your health the best possible.

Dr. B Annie Adjust 3.jpg

Welcome Dr. Rita!

DSC_1405 Edited.jpg

Meet Dr. Marita "Rita" Thompson, D.C.



With a passion for healing of the complete body,

Dr. Rita joins our team!

Bachelors in Exercise Science

Doctorate of Chiropractic


Working towards a Masters in Pediatrics

"Our kids are our future!"

Dr. Rita first was drawn to PT, but soon found a love for Chiropractic care, especially as she learned they aren’t pain based doctors:

They are lifestyle doctors that can help get you out of pain!

She loved the aspect of how a good chiropractor helps facilitate healing to the nervous system which affects and promotes overall wellness.

Dr. Rita has a fire inside for assisting births,

and promoting healthier mommies and babies.

Meet Kayla Koester, BSK, FMS

Office Manager


Born and raised in the Midwest, Kayla came to Augusta in her late teens. She completed her Secondary Education at Augusta University, graduating in 2018 with her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology ( Exercise Science).

Kayla is Certified in the Following Fields:

RockTape practitioner.

Kinesiology Taping


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM),

as well as a

Function Movement Specialist


Training in Lymphatic Drainage and Movement.


Kayla is always looking to further her education to meet the Client Families' needs.

Her Current Studies include taking a class to be more specialized in Gait & Foot Function and also completing her Integrative Health Practitioner Certification this year, with a specialization in Nutrition and

Understanding Blood Chemistry.

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Annie Single Edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Office Assistant


From Patient Intake, to Assisting with Children's Appointments, this Mom and Hard Worker helps keep the office Records flowing and

Dr. Beth Organized.

Annie greets you with a Big Smile and answer questions when you

walk in the office.

She is almost always smiling and ready jump in and help wherever needed at FFC.

Brandi Cropped and Edited.jpg


Office Assistant

She started at Flack Family as a patient and loved it so much that she applied to work here.

Brandi is quiet and behind the scenes a lot working hard to make FFC run smoothly.

Love of Family and Country run deep with this Military Spouse and

Dog Lover.