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Welcome To Better Health

Chiropractic, Integrative, and Natural Care
To Balance the Body & Mind

Our Founder

Beth Anne Flack, D. C.

I care about your health. At Flack Family Chiropractic you're not just a number. We see you the person and want to design a plan of care  to improve your life condition.


We are all about making your life and body health better!

I look forward to putting my years of extensive (and ongoing!) training to work for you. Through full body and lifestyle analysis,

we will build a care plan specifically around your needs and concerns.

Contact the office today so we can get you on the road to the quality of health you've only dreamed about!

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Chiropractic Care?

Can It Really Help?


The improper alignment of the spine can create many health issues. By getting regular, gentle  adjustments, we give the body a better ability to heal and balance

Along with great Chiropractic care, we also work with a select group of companies that offer supplements to enhance the body's ability to heal, thus helping the healing process along.

Chiropractic care throughout childhood may ensure good growth with proper alignment. For many kids, this means less (or no) allergies, help with colic, ear infections, and other childhood ailments.

Proper Chiropractic Care during pregnancy may help minimize many pregnancy challenges like lower back pain, hip pain, and more as well as ease labor and delivery.

Integrative care including adjustments and supplements work to help alleviate many conditions including allergies. 

Holding Spine.jpg

Stress does major damage to your back as it causes extra pressure on different areas of our body and spine that an adjustment may properly reset bringing great relief.


“Dr. Beth is amazing!
She knows her stuff and she is sincere!
I have gone to her for 3 different ailments I have had over the past 9 months.
I recommend her for anything!
If you are in pain there is no reason to at least not talk to her first!
Very accessible and her staff is super friendly”

— Lisa K.

What We Offer


Your First Visit

From New Client Paperwork,

to X-rays and more,

what to expect....

Dr B Adjusting Annie.jpg

Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular adjustments work to keep busy lifestyles from doing long-term damage to our bodies

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a time of new

beginnings and great wonder...

I wonder where that ache or pain came from!

Prenatal Chiropractic Care may help...


It's For Kids, Too!

Growing Bodies Need Good Care..

Chiropractic Care!

Did you know Dr. Beth can help

with issues like colic, bed-wetting, allergies, and all sorts of challenges littles ones face?

Maggie Adjustment.jpg

Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here

Contact Info


4246 Washington Road, Suite 6, Evans, Georgia 30809

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